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Video Gallery

Induro GHB1 Gimbal Head

The INDURO GHBA Gimbal Head is ideal for photography involving long, heavy telephoto lenses - in sports or nature photography, for instance. Working with a long lens on a standard ballhead or tilt head can be a real struggle, distracting you from the photography. The gimbal head makes the camera and lens seem almost weightless, with vertical and horizontal tracking of moving objects becoming relatively simple - a feat not possible with any other support system. An Arca-Swiss-compatible quick-release plate is included. Fits Arca-Swiss-compatible QR clamp on a heavy-duty ballhead.

Induro's Hi-Hat

Induro GHB1 Gimbal Head

5-way Head

Induro Baby Grand

Induro GHB2 Gimbal Head

5-way Head Overview

Vincent Versace

CM Series 8X Monopods

5-way Head Trailer

Induro Presents an Interview

AM Series 8X Monopods

Location: Central Park

Induro BHL

Induro Adventure AKB

Going to Extremes

Induro GHBA

8M Tripods

Induro BHD

Induro Carbon CT

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