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Can Induro tripods be used in water?
Water will not damage them, but make sure the tripod is allowed to completely dry before storing it. It is a good idea to rinse the tripod after use, especially if it has been exposed to salt water and sand, then let it dry fully extended.
How can I determine what series my tripod is?
Induro tripods are classified according to size, ranging from Series 0 through Series 4. It is the first digit in the tripod’s “name” that will determine what Series it is. For example, an “AT113” is a Series 1 tripod; a “CT414” is a Series 4.
I need another mounting plate for a second camera. How can I determine what will fit my head?
You may look up your tripod’s head, and the plate it uses, by visiting the Head Accessories section. 
I own a ballhead made by another manufacturer. Am I able to use it with my Induro Tripod?
Induro tripods all have a “3/8-16” stud that will mate with a socket of that same size on Induro heads. This spec is fairly standard throughout the industry, so almost all non-Induro heads will fit. Make sure that whatever head you use, its load capacity is sufficient for the camera/lens being placed on it.
I own a few “Arca-Swiss” camera plates from another manufacturer. Will these fit an Induro head?
Possibly. When a tripod accessory carries the “Arca-Swiss” designation, it means that it has a specific style of mounting hardware, but not necessarily an exact specification. The only way to determine that two Arca-Swiss designated products will work together is to actually try them.
I want to register my new tripod but cannot locate the serial number. Where can I find it?
Look for a small sticker on the upper/inside portion of one of the legs.
Is it possible to remove the tripod’s center column in order to position the camera close to the ground?
Yes, but you will need to use one of the Induro “Extra Low Columns” in its place. These accessories are only 4.7" long, and will permit the tripod to be set to a very low height.
What are the load limits of Induro Gimbal heads?

The heads themselves do not have any limit. Use the load spec of the head and/or tripod being used.

What is the best way to select a head for my new tripod?
If you are interested in a ballhead, there are two types: a “dual-action” and a “single-action.” Dual-action heads offer the greatest amount of control and are a good choice for general-purpose, panning, or panoramic photography. The less expensive single-action head is a simple ball/lock mechanism. There are also several “pan heads” available for specific shooting situations. All heads have numerical designations, similar to the tripods, that indicate size. Select a head size that is recommended for your tripod, and has a load capacity sufficient for your camera and lens.


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