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Chris Garrison is a photographer who specializes in shooting extreme sports as much as he does participating in extreme sports. "It is always such a toss up between the snow and water for me. I shoot both year-round and love them equally as much. Both are different terrains and involve different, but similar sports. I would say I snowboard more that I do any of the water sports. But then I feel like I spend more time on a boat or jet-ski in the summer finding new areas. I’m lucky to have the best of both worlds so I can never choose one!" Garrison divides his time between his home state of Florida, where he shoots wakeboarders, skimboarders in the summer sunshine and Colorado, where he captures shots of snowboarders, skiers and the like. "Photography has brought me to places and put me in areas that not too many people ever get to see. It has almost killed me and also put me in some of the most awe-inspiring moments I have ever seen. Most of all it is a job that I am excited to go to every day," relates Garrison.

I use

My main camera brands are Nikon and PhaseOne.

I get my inspiration from a lot of different photographers. I constantly look at everyone's new work and see what I can do in my next shoot, action or commercial with their style and ideas with my twist!

I cannot pick a single photo that I have taken as my favorite. My style is constantly changing and evolving as well. I am shooting so many different things from sports to lifestyle to commercial shoots nowadays. I feel the photos that stand out the most to me are the ones where we are doing something that should not work, in a place where we should not be able to be, with everything working against us, from weather to light, and when those situations come together, I tend to get my favorite images.

When I first moved to Orlando, I got a bar-tending job thinking it would be great to sling some drinks and make a few extra dollars in-between shoots and down time. About a month into it, I was constantly taking days off and switching the schedule. It got to the point where I was like "I can work 2 days in the next bi-weekly schedule, and 3 in the next." At that time, I knew it was time to call the normal job quits, and I have not looked back since.