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Tools & Techniques for Photographing the Passage of Time

Hosted by Joe Brady on October 22, 2013


Tools & Techniques for Photographing the Passage of Time

Photography is magical. You can use your camera to capture a fleeting moment and a passage of time in a single photograph.

In this free webinar sponsored by Induro, join host Joe Brady as he demonstrates his approach to capturing the passage of time in both pastoral and urban settings. To capture a unique perspective that creates extra interest, Joe will introduce the Induro Hi-Hat system. A tripod support with a small footprint and big versatility, this incredible system makes it easy to have a stable and low-to-the-ground system that makes capturing a unique perspective both safe and easy.

To calculate the perfect exposure for such long exposures – accomplished with the use of neutral density filters, Joe will also show how he uses the Sekonic L-758DR light meter for easy and precise exposure calculations. In addition, for hiking photographers, you’ll see the lightweight and versatile Benro Travel Angel II system in action. The images created are fun and exciting, so join us for this informative and inspiring session.

Equipment List:

Sekonic L-758DR
Benro Travel Angel II
Induro Hi-Hat
X-Rite ColorChecker Passport
Camera: Sony a-99
Lens: 24-70mm & 70-200mm
Filters: 3stop & 9stop neutral density filters


Tools & Techniques to Create Panoramic Landscape Images

Join host Joe Brady for this previously recorded live video webinar on tools and techniques to create panoramic landscape images. Learn how to capture the best images possible in preparation for stitching together in Photoshop with the least amount of editing possible.

Joe covers the basic technical issues of lens selection, color and exposure, and he simplifies the more complex issues of nodal points and hyperfocal distance so that you can create stunning panoramic images with consistent focus and tone while keeping all of the foreground and background elements lined up.

If you want to improve your results with this type of photography that can be both fun and full of impact, join us for this free live video session.

Here are some of the topics that are covered:

  • Tripods and Tripod Heads for Panoramics
  • Nodal Point rotation for clean foreground and background element stitching
  • Measuring exposure for panoramics
  • Lens Selection
  • An Introduction to the advantages of Large Sensor DSLRs


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