GIHH75CP Baby Grand CF Tripod, 2 Sections, 75mm

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  • Stealth Carbon Fiber - Features a 9X Carbon fiber weave.
  • Included Tool Kit and Deluxe Carrying Bag with Strap.
  • Dust Resistant Oversized Twist Locks - Our tripods are desinged for the real world, so Grand Induro's twist locks can be used in any environment with out any concern of guming up the works. Plus we oversized them, so if its chilly out there is no need to take off your gloves.
  • Wide stance magnesium alloy spider with V-pattern crossbraces for greater core system stability, strength and lighter weight.
  • 10-year Warranty. 5 years + 5 additional years with online registration.
This item has been discontinued
Baby Grand Induro with 75mm platform (3 Series) The 3 Series Baby Grand Induro is perfect for those ultra low angle shots. Designed to be used with all lenses including ultra long lenses and all formats including large formats and video cameras*. Ideal for macro photography, unique low angle perspectives whether you are in the studio or the field. *This unit can be converted to a 75mm video bowl with the MVB23S accessory. Each leg can be independently positioned at one of the three locks located on the outside of the shoulder. In addition, each leg features oversized rubber twist locks and is telescoping for adjusting the height. Quick and convenient set-up is achieved in any location. The large rubber feet are attached to a metal ball joint for quick positioning, which can be removed for attaching the included metal spiked feet. The feet also have pre-drilled holes for securing to wooden boards or staking it to the ground. Transporting is easy with the included carrying case.
  • Base Mount Thread: 3/8"-16
  • Foot Mount: 3/8"-16
  • Foot Size (mm): 50x57
  • Foot Type: Removable Rubber-Spiked
  • Independent Leg Spred: Yes-with 3 stops
  • Leg Diameter 1 (mm): 36.2
  • Leg Diameter 2 (mm): 32.4
  • Leg Lock Type: TWIST
  • Leg Material: Carbon Fiber
  • Leg Sections: 2
  • Maximum Height: 11.0in / 27.94cm
  • Warranty: 10-years: 5yr + 5yrs more with online registration
  • Product Weight: 3.06lb / 1.39kg
  • Maximum Payload Capacity: 165.0lb / 75.0kg
  • Closed/Folded Length: 9.25in / 23.49cm